Activities Overview

The EUROGIA2020 Cluster is a strategic player, fostering energy transition thanks to its strong industrial network involving many key players in Europe (SMEs, public research centres, universities, international Large Enterprises, etc.). EUROGIA2020 primary instrument is fostering multidisciplinary, innovative, RD&D programmes to build and develop the future energy mix.

EUROGIA2020 RD&D projects can address the following issues :

  • To meet the world's growing fossil fuel needs, while minimizing carbon footprint.
  • To develop diverse clean energy sources in addition to fossil fuels.
  • To improve efficiency of energy use in all consumer and industrial applications.
  • To keep Europe's market against world wide competition
  • To build a sustainable and effective energy system through interactions between technology and society

EUROGIA2020 is the only European R&D Programme for the entire energy mix

The specificities of the EUREKA, and therefore EUROGIA2020, initiatives are to be bottom-up, industry driven, close to market and trans-national. EUROGIA2020 is convinced that trans-national R&D cooperation is the key to Europe’s competitiveness.