Doing Business through technology

Established in 1985, Eureka aims at fostering industrial innovation in Europe and associated countries.
Today Eureka is composed of 39 countries and also includes European Union as its 40th Member.
With the support of its members, Eureka promotes international, market oriented research and innovation via the financial support provided to small and medium sized entreprises, large industry and research institutes.

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Eurogia+, the Eureka Cluster for low carbon technologies

EUROGIA+ was approved  as a EUREKA cluster in Ljubljana on June 6, 2008 during the EUREKA Ministerial Conference.

"EUROGIA+" EUREKA label is supported by 17 countries:
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Monaco,Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

This list is not limitative as other EUREKA Member Countries may join later.