EUROGIA+ Association has been implemented for performing the EUROGIA2020 cluster, the Association including a Board and a Technical Committee composed of representatives of the Board members and of Research institutes/Universities.

  • Technical Committee:
    Industrial Companies & Research Institutes

  • Board of Directors
    Industrial Companies

  • Office:
    Manager & Secretary

  • TC Structure
    Technical Committee is composed of representatives of member companies and selected academics.

  • Technical Committee Meetings
    The Technical Commiteee meets quarterly to evaluate POs and FPPs.

  • The most important body of Eurogia+
    Its technical strengths and integrity are the basis for recognition of the E+ quality label.

  • Project Labelling
    The Board grants the e+ label based on recommendations of Technical Committee.

  • Board Structure
    Board is composed of the representatives of member companies from EUREKA Countries.

  • Executive Committee
    ExCo is composed of representatives of the member companies and industry experts elected by the Board. ExCo implements the Eurogia+ Board's decisions.

  • Relations with Public Authorities
    The office staff and the ExCo Members work closely with the Public Authorities from EUROGIA20202 supporting countries.

  • Office
    A small cadre of permanent staff supports the Executive Committee in implementing the programme.

  • Office Director
    Organizes the TC meetings and assists project proposers to submit successful projects.