The EUROGIA label is a quality label for RD&D projects in the field of low carbon energy technologies.

It is granted after a rigourous evaluation by a panel of world-class industrial and academic experts. It guarantees that the project is technically sound, innovative, well planned and organized and is likely to lead to a commercial product or service that will positively impact the world energy system.

Although the label is very selective, the goal of EUROGIA2030 is to help important project ideas become reality. This is why the evaluation process is interactive; the Technical Committee and the EUROGIA2020 office provide feedback to the projects to assist them in meeting the stringent criteria.

Why a EUROGIA label ?

The label per se does not automatically guarantee public funding. 

Indeed individual EUREKA member countries have the final say on public funding in their respective countries, based on their national policies, priorities and constraints.
However, the EUROGIA label facilitates access to such public funding, particularly in the EUROGIA202ù30 supporting countries, who have committed to favorably receive the national funding applications of labelled projects.

With its growing recognition EUROGIA label can also facilitate access to regional public funding, to private funding, be it venture captital or bank loans, or to interested customers.

Submitting a proposal

The application process fora eurogia+ project
has two stages:

  • 1

    Submit a Project Outline

    The first phase will be to complete and submit a Project Outline. The project coordinator is invited to present it through an oral presentation in front of the Technical Committee.
  • 2

    A Full Project Proposal

    Second phase: the applicants will be invited to fill and submit a Full Project Proposal. Following the evaluation, the Techncal Committee will give its recommendations to the Eurogia+ Board, who in turn will decide to label the project. With this label, project participants can apply for funding in their respective countries.