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CO2 Field Laboratory for Monitoring & Safety Assessment:

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is regarded as a necessary and viable option to mitigate climate change. CO2 is captured from large CO2-emitting point sources, transported, and stored underground, in depleted reservoirs, deep saline aquifers or un-mineable coal seams. In the coming years, it is expected that CCS will go from the current technical demonstration phase to a commercial upscale. This will only be possible when public acceptance is gained, and regulatory frameworks define the safety conditions for storage. The choice of storage site and the design of operations aim at a very low risk of loss of containment. However, mitigating such a risk includes deploying an appropriate monitoring plan.

The CO2FieldLab project consists in a shallow injection of CO2 and the monitoring of its migration up to the surface and the dispersion at the surface. This type of controlled release experiment is unique at this stage and will fulfil four objectives: (i) determine the sensitivity of monitoring systems to detect shallow CO2 migration and surface leakage, (ii) upscale these results to assess monitoring systems and requirements that will ensure safe CO2 storage, (ii) test and calibrate migration models in well controlled conditions, (iv) inform the public about the safety of CO2 storage by showing the performance of monitoring systems.

For more information , please visit CO2 Field Lab website.

Project overview

  • CoordinatorSINTEF
  • Contact

    Maria Barrio

  • StatusFinished
  • Date01/07/2009
  • Budget€ 10,540,000