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An IT System for Sharing and Reusing Service Knowledge about the Production of Low Carbon Energies:

Equipment for producing low carbon energies are becoming increasingly complex. As a consequence, the knowledge required to service this kind of equipment is also becoming increasingly sophisticated. Failures of mission critical equipment that produces low carbon energy lead to loss of production but also generate the perception that these technologies are immature and unreliable. This is an obstacle to their wide adoption and dissemination.

The Know.Right.Now project aims at developing innovative IT technologies to capture, share and reuse service knowledge for low carbon energy production equipment. Service knowledge includes how to install, maintain and repair equipment. Manufacturers or user of equipment to will use Know.Right.Now to quickly learn from experience so that they can prevent failures and reduce downtime. Know.Right.Now will enable the creation of service dossiers and the dynamic delivery of personalized content. A service dossier is a collection of text or multimedia information, including 3D objects, that has been obtained from multiple sources according to a specific information need.



Project overview

  • Coordinator KIOLIS
  • Contact

    Michel Manago

  • StatusFinished
  • Date01/07/2009
  • Budget€ 4,506,000