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EG+ 312
Call 04

Production of methane high output from biomass with CO2:

Bio3D offers to answer to the call for projects in regards to the creation of a demonstration- scale unit for the treatment of organic material. This pilot scale 1/8 of methanation can transform 325 kg/h of fresh biomass (50% of humidity) in methane in order to produce 593 kW electric. CO2, known for its greenhouse gas properties, is given value by being used at different steps of the process: biomass torrefaction, pyrolysis and gasification. The output is a syngas mainly composed of CO, H2 that is transformed into methane. This usual gas can be stored, transported, compressed with today’s technologies.

Methane can be used for many applications such as electricity generation, hydrogen production (reforming of methane), hydrocarbonated synthesis…Our methanation technology (not to be confused with the methanisation process) enables to give value to wet biomass by changing it into 86% of methane with high purity (> 98%). With the same process input, four times more energy can be produced compared to any other competing technology.


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