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EG+ 507
Call 05

Enabling technologies for enhancing the energy mix value chain: smart grid technologies demonstrators linked to electro-mobility in support of cities sustainable development:


The project aims to build two smart grid technologies demonstrators:

(1) one focusing on campuses local micro grids associated with renewable energy production
(2) The second focusing on storage and distribution for end-usages.

The first field demonstrator will be implemented on the UVSQ campus. It will aim to improve a micro grid with solar production for mixed usages: electric vehicle fleet (30) and street lighting.
The second field demonstrator will be deployed on the Laborelec campus (Belgium) and will consist of a smaller demonstrator for street lighting usage.Hence, the project’s first objective is to optimize the grid and balance between production and consumption in order to reduce energy waste. In order to so, the project will focus on:

-    The follow up of electric vehicle deployment which requires both load infrastructure technologies supports and likewise behavioral understanding. To that end, the electric vehicle fleet will be implemented as a car sharing service to confront load management and behaviors;

-    The discovery and implementation of terms and conditions to ensure market penetration of the technologies associated with business model investigation, social acceptance and compliance surveys. Those actions will be implemented with the support the European networks to test and confront key studies. They will deliver recommendations in order to facilitate the reproduction of the demonstrators.

Consequently the project implies a strong market strategy with both market studies and major dissemination policies.


Project overview