Projects 2004-2008

E+ code Name Coordinator Location Energy type Status
EOGO102 Starter Frank Valliet France Offshore Finished
EOGO104 DSC Robert Van Kuilenburg The Netherlands Offshore Finished
EOG0105 OWME Henk Van den Boom The Netherlands Marine Finished
EOG0106 FSRU IZAR Spain LNG Finished
EOG0107 OCPEPS Western Geco Norway Software system Finished
EOG0108 CORFU EADS Space Transportation France Offshore Finished
EOG0201 CORROMAG Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld GmbH Germany New material Finished
EOG0204 EASST Iskra Energetica France Reduction of CO2 emissions Finished
EOG0202 ALLS F&Q TECHNIP France LNG Finished
EOG0206 COSMOS GeofroschungsZentrum Postdam Germany CCS Finished