H-2-boy: Development and demonstration of zero emission building using interseasonal hydrogen storage

The project isto complete the design and build a demonstrator of a building powered by solar panels with interseasonal energy storage. The extra electricity generated in summer is used to produce hydrogen with an electrolyzer; the hydrogen is compressed and stored in bottles at 350 bars. In winter, energy is recovered from the stored hydrogen through a flameless, catalytic, Hydrogen boiler for heat and hot water and a fuel cell for electricity (the fuel cell is the electrolyzer operated in reverse mode). Cost of the system is estimated at 700 €/m2 (compared to 450 €/m2 for a conventional heating system) and should find applications in mid-size residential buildings.

The consortium already includes an engineering company, an electrolyzer/fuel cell manufacturer, an hydrogen storage company and a hydrogen boiler supplier. It seeks partners interested in building a demonstrator.

Project overview

  • CoordinatorBureau Boydens
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    Laurent Gorini

    Bureau Boydens
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    +352 621 258 202 (mobile)

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