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The aim of this project is to democratize the use of wind energy by the increment of the penetration of small wind turbine in urban areas and by the increase the sustainability indexes of renewable energy equipment.

Main goals to be achieved:

  • creating a better and lean wind turbine with increased performance (better aerodynamic, power control, smarter use of sustainable materials)
  • reducing noise
  • Enhanced WT; implementing a business model where windier urban areas are identifed and commercially targeted.

 A tailor made selection of the wind turbine site is provided to the consumers enabling the identification of the most suitable location for the wind turbine installation for

Project overview

  • CoordinatorBraganca Polytechnic Institute
  • Contact

    Prof. Luis Frolen Ribeiro 


    Mechanical Technology Department
    Bragança Polytechnic Institute

    Tel: + 351 273 303 148
    Fax: + 273 313 051




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