The EUROGIA label is granted by the Board of EUROGIA+ upon recommendation of the Technical Committee (TC). The TC bases its recommendation on its assessment of the Full Project Proposal. As this is the last step, it is entirely based on the written FPP, without addtional interaction with the project proposers. Hence the FPP must be carefully prepared to make sure it answers all questions the TC might have. As the TC uses the assessment grid that can be found in the template page, it is good practice to review the grid carefully to ensure all relevant points have been addressed by the FPP. It is also mandatory to review the comments previously made by the TC to check they have all been addressed.

Occasionally, the TC might recommend a "conditional label", i.e. the project has been favourably assessed but some information is still mising to finalize the evalutation. The TC then recommends to the Board to grant the label when such additional information has been received.

Receiving the EUROGIA label is an important step for the project, but is not the end of the journey. The project must still finalize its applications for public funding in the various countries involved, finalize and sign its consortium agreement, and of course start and run the project, the most interesting part! When granting the label the Board of EUROGIA+ assigns one of its member as a "project monitor" to assist the project proposers throughout the life of the project.




    • Check FPP carefully against evalution criteria and previous comments
    • Submit by the cut-off date!


Post label

    • Submit national funding applications
    • Sign consortium agreement
    • Stay in contact with the EUROGIA2020 assigned project monitor.

After labelization, EUROGIA+ Board assigns project monitors to supervise the progress of projects.
EUROGIA2030 Project Monitoring Process